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This time I’ll show you how I made very cool looking glowing cube from Rubiks Cube and some cheap electronics.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:

Rubiks Cube (at least 9 by 9 by 9cm)

Ping pong ball

2 pcs 18650 Lithium Ion cells (or other 3.7V lithium battery)

USB power bank case with electronics

5V LED strip

4mm poly-carbonate (Acrylic)

CA glue

Hot glue


Drill and bits

Table saw, band saw jig saw or other cutting tool to cut acrylic

Rotary tool

Hot glue gun

Soldering Iron

Sand paper (320 grit)

Utility knif

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation

I think you really don't need to introduce this iconic game - Rubik's Cube. Today this game will be the main material for my new project. Except I’ll use not this little one, but his bigger brother. Despite his size, this is also a regular 3x3 fully functional Rubik’s cube, but it’s 9 by 9 centimeters in dimensions. What is perfect for my build.
Because I’m planning to put some stuff inside this cube - first, I need to disassemble it. The easiest way to do it - is to twist top part in 45 degrees and then pull out one corner piece. After that rest of all parts will be removed very easily.

This is fantastic, especially for someone who is into games and puzzles! You too, have my vote!
MrBlaineFS9 days ago
Does anyone know where I could find these large cubes? I haven't been having any luck finding a 9cm x 9 cm x 9cm cube. I'm hoping to do a similar project with a High School technology class.
Tally O13 days ago
I'd like to see the wireless one made. Even if you revamp that one. I'd suggest hidden screws under the panel stickers for access (I know, a pain) or just add rubber feet? But yes, a nice instructable indeed. ;)
good job!
Excellent, elegant and most efficacious! Really impressed with the internal work! Also served to educate all of us on how that damned cube worked! I cannot image (but would love to have seen) a video of that prototype build!
DanPro14 days ago
Finally a Rubiks Cube I can figure out.
Nice job!
Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing :)
Bravo !!
attosa15 days ago
Wow! Extraordinary work!
This is just amazing! I love how you used the acrylic to let the light through :D
The finished lighting effect of the cube looks great!