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Picture of Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These peanut butter cups are super easy to make, only take a few ingredients, are completely vegan, and taste very much like the OG Reese's cups.

I need to mention, however, that these are not "healthy" vegan peanut butter cups. Just like Reese's cups, these are full of sugar and loads of unhealthy stuff. I sometimes get mean/nonconstructive comments on my vegan recipes that say, "these are full of processed crap, they are not healthy." And, hey, I have never -- not once in my decade-plus of veganism and prior vegetarianism -- have tried to be an ultra-healthy, restrict-all-sugar-from-my-diet, only-eat-lettuce vegan. That all being said, these are extremely tasty, and in moderation, they make for a great treat.

To make these peanut butter cups, you'll only need three ingredients:

  • Creamy peanut butter (I use the natural, just-peanuts-and-salt kind)
  • Vegan chocolate bars (or chocolate chips, etc. -- it's most likely going to be dark chocolate, check the labels to make sure they don't have "trace amounts of milk" on the ingredients list)
  • White frosting (make sure it's vegan by looking at the ingredients)

You'll also need baking cups, like cupcake/muffin liners.

Step 1: Step One: Melt the Chocolate

Picture of Step One: Melt the Chocolate

Set up a double boiler by filling up one large pot halfway with water. Place a slightly smaller pan on top of that water. Heat on medium until boiling and then lower the heat.

While the water starts to boil, break up one chocolate bar and place all the pieces inside the pan. Stir while they melt until they turn into a smooth consistency.

JustineM323 months ago
Nice job!
I wonder if a homemade frosting would work in place of canned?
This is a great, easy idea for a homemade Reese's!
ellygibson (author)  JustineM323 months ago
And like I mentioned in the post, I once used a couple of tablespoons of (real!) maple syrup in place of the frosting. It tasted just fine, but not authentic.
ellygibson (author)  JustineM323 months ago
Sure! I don't see why not. The reason canned frosting works really well it's because it's thick. So as long as your homemade frosting is thick, it should work just fine!
jessyratfink3 months ago
Ohhhhhhh those look so good! I think I'll have to make some with soynut butter. Craving them :D