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Ultimate Classroom Table Organiser

Picture of Ultimate Classroom Table Organiser

Every teacher knows what a challenge it is to keep all the things organised on a table in a classroom full of 5 and 6 year olds. This organiser was conceived as an entry into an instructables contest for Classroom Organisation ideas..
I asked my partner, who’s a KS1 teacher in the UK, what a perfect organiser would need and what’s things it would need to keep organised. I have a laser cutter in my home workshop so already had some thoughts of what it could look like.
The 'requirements' were that it had to store six each of pencils; erasers; rulers; scissors; and glue sticks plus room for a multitude of coloured crayons. There also had to be a slot to store the task instructions which are printed on A4 laminated sheets. Oh, and it had to look nice and rotate if possible!

Having scribbled a few ideas I set to work designing the basic box and getting the measurements for each item. I use Inkscape as a designing tool as it’s free and open source and I can save my files in a number of formats including the DXF files my laser cutter reads.

This organiser is made from two sheets of 3 mm laser ply.

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Step 1:

You have done great job regarding designing but i think there's something missing don't you ever think for your own how to make a wikipedia page for an organization but i appreciated your work.
This is a great idea. I often wish I had something better then a drawer that is constantly a mess.
I love the design of this! It has a spot for everything students will need and a place for the directions or activity sheet, making it perfect for a station rotation setup. It's really awesome! Great job! :)