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One of the primary objectives of this project was to be able to maintain the well-being of a garden using the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). With the versatility of the present tools and software, our planter is integrated with sensors that monitor the real-time status of the plants. We built a smartphone app that let's one access the data and take needed actions if necessary.

The design of our planter is scalable, low-cost and easy to build, making it the perfect option to add greenery to one's terrace or backyard. The smart garden has proven to be more efficient in water consumption and facilitates maintenance and monitoring.

Follow on to learn how to make your very own database and app, by creating a garden that can be monitored by a click of a button!

Step 1: Overview of the IOT System

Picture of Overview of the IOT System

The Iot system functions through the following processes. A Raspberry Pi is used to relay useful information of the garden, such as luminosity, humidity and the moisture content in the soil from various sensors into a cloud database. Once the information is in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere using a smartphone app that we built. This process is reversible too, the user can send instructions, such as the state of the water pump, back to the garden which will execute the required commands.

The following are some of the key features of our garden :

  • Real-time feedback of the garden's various sensors
  • Database of the garden's health status
  • Global monitoring and operating capacities
  • Drip irrigation system
  • App controlled water system
  • Automatic watering schedules

We decided to use Google's Firebase as the intermediary of our IOT system, to create our own free cloud database. We then used MIT's App Inventor to create a smartphone application which is compatible with the Firebase database and the Raspberry Pi. It can also communicate with the database with the help of a free Python library.

What if people in China can't use Firebass? How can I replace it with a local one?
do you have any recommendations on what to use if we don't have 3d printer?
12 v supply is given but how much is the output.Is that 1A/2A or 5A
arunmurugan1 month ago
can i use arduino uno instead of raspberry pi?
Just wondering does this work with iphones or only android?
Technovation (author)  SeventhDread823 months ago
Unfortunately it works only on Android
ShashankKumar3 months ago
What code should I use if I'm not using the grovepi+ shield??
Technovation (author)  ShashankKumar3 months ago
One can easily modify the existing code
JoakaTech3 months ago
Really good!!!! Love it guys
Technovation (author)  JoakaTech3 months ago
epic_ziver_D3 months ago
Just a FYI, generally when using drip irrigation it’s much better to use prepared tubes. They generally include more than just small holes, and have something to control dripping (idk how it’s called in English) to evenly drip water (even over much greater distances
Technovation (author)  epic_ziver_D3 months ago
Thanks for the information, we tried our go at a diy setup, but I completely agree that there must be more professional setups that have a much better effect.
Could you recommend links to these products?
TBH I just buy mine at a local gardening store (Atleast where I live there are a few really big stores and smaller stores that sell stuff for actual farmers and stuff) but it shouldn’t be that hard to find. Also I was talking about so called emitters which ensure proper, constant drip rates, just try searching for drip irigation pipes or something similar
smprior3 months ago
I would not use treated lumber due to the possibility of chemical leaching into the soil and harming the plants. Cedar would be a better option.
Technovation (author)  smprior3 months ago
Okay, thanks for the feedback
PeeK013 months ago
Please share link for download the IOT_garden_monotoring_system .aia file.
Technovation (author)  PeeK013 months ago
We have updated the instructables, it might take a while to show up, let us know if you still have any issues.
Thanks! I can see the aia link now :D
Technovation (author)  riaz.sulaimi3 months ago
Thanks you, This Great project!
jchalifo3 months ago
Great project. Rather than using pine you could use a more weather resistant wood then you don't need the tarp also if you put it straight on dirt you don't need a bottom or tarp
Technovation (author)  jchalifo3 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion. In our case pine was easily available and we needed to make a planter as we planned to put it up on the terrace. Nevertheless for other scenarios your proposals are more appropriate.
ToolboxGuy3 months ago
Wow! Quite a lot of work to create this ible!
Any plans to add a live streaming camera option?
Technovation (author)  ToolboxGuy3 months ago
Thanks for the positive feedback! Right now we are just testing this system, later upgrades could be to make the unit solar powered and yes maybe even add a cheap cam to record a live feed!
riaz.sulaimi3 months ago

Great project! But i cant seem to find your link to the aia file even though i looked many times. Sorry but could you help post the link again? My students are trying this out . Thanks!
Technovation (author)  riaz.sulaimi3 months ago
Thank you for the feedback! The link to the MIT App inventor webpage can be found on "step 13: setting up the app", this will only open the environment for building your own apps. The aia file can be downloaded from the same step (situated at the bottom) and can be imported into MIT App Inventor using the process described in that step.
Amazing project! But I can't see the link neither. I add a screenshot:
Captura de pantalla 2019-06-04 a las 16.32.11.png
Technovation (author)  Adrimartin3 months ago
Hey guys, I'm not sure what the problem is because it appears on my screen (screenshot attached). Maybe try refreshing the page?
CraftDiaries3 months ago
A neat project with great instructions! Great use of the internet of things as well!
Technovation (author)  CraftDiaries3 months ago
Craftcorner3 months ago
Wow I was looking for something just like this, couldn't have found a better project. Thank you so much for sharing, it looks neat, simple and quite efficient!
Technovation (author)  Craftcorner3 months ago
Happy to know that this i'ble could be of help
ShambhaviD13 months ago
Wonderful project and so well presented. The app looks cool too. A very efficient and eco friendly step towards healthy plants and reduction of water wastage. Good job :)
Technovation (author)  ShambhaviD13 months ago
Thanks for the positive feedback