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Picture of Potato Stamping: Homemade Gift Wrapping Paper

My mom taught me how to make a stamp out of a potato when I was a kid. I've used the technique several times since -- like using fabric paint on fabric to make a printed pillow. But one of my favorite uses of potato stamps is to make homemade, patterned gift wrapping paper on the cheap.

Step 1: Carving a Design

Picture of Carving a Design

First thing's first: cut your potato in half. Make sure you do so in one fell swoop so you have a flat surface.

Once you've settled on a design, you can draw on the potato with a pencil or just start carving and see what you come up with.

The simpler the design, the easier your life will be. If you've never made a potato stamp before, I recommend you start with simple shapes just so you can get the hang of it. Then you can graduate to more complicated designs.

The potato might become a little wet while you're carving it, so just sop any dampness up with a paper towel.

I love this idea! One question, how do you make the cut piece of potato (your stamp) stay attached to the cut half of the potato?
ellygibson (author)  marshawelcher1 month ago
It's all one piece. You carve the potato kind of as if you were whitteling.
AnandM542 months ago
Cool idea !!