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For the longest time, an entire wall in my shop was taken up by my miter saw and its stand. I wanted to build a solution that would give me the ability to do repeatable cuts, lots of storage potential and not cost an arm and leg.

This is what I came up with.



Step 1: Break Down the 2x4's

Picture of Break Down the 2x4's

The entire frame was constructed with 2x4's from the big box store. I used my miter saw on its old stand to break these down to size. I'm building a series of boxes that will be screwed together to create the long stand that will go against the wall.

jmartin02726 days ago
i might have missed it but do you have a material list and measurements of the miter station and the different sections. that would give me a good start to build one. thanks Joe
makeorbreakshop (author)  jmartin02725 days ago
I don't have specific measurements for this one, really was building it to fit around my miter station and be the same height as my table saw.
ok i like the design and will try to imitate what you did. i know i would have to make some changes since my miter saw has a slide function to it. thank you for the response and your build insructions. Joe
Love that layout! I will have to look at making this one. Thanks for sharing.
makeorbreakshop (author)  CheshireCat6825 days ago
You got it!
KrisF2326 days ago
That is just sexy. I would love to make one with inserts so I could swap out for a drill press or a router etc. And really slick presentation too. Well done

makeorbreakshop (author)  KrisF2325 days ago
Including the option for a router is great idea!
KajW26 days ago
Very nice! The links of the materials are mostly wrong.
makeorbreakshop (author)  KajW25 days ago
Should be fixed now
Love the T-track idea and the fact that you've used 2x4s.
makeorbreakshop (author)  RealDealZeal25 days ago
ArthurJ525 days ago
Great job! I have a very similar set-up. Where did you find straight 2X4’s?
makeorbreakshop (author)  ArthurJ525 days ago
Thanks! Lots of hunting at the big box store....