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Picture of Making a Cement Mushroom Fairy House

In this instructable I show you how to make a mushroom fairy house using mainly a cement. It’s fun to make and you can use it as an awesome decoration indoor or in your garden. Generally, this type of project is done with modelling clay, I took the initiative to do it with cement to produce a robust, non-fragile and water-resistant decorative piece

Step 1: Making the Basic Shape

Picture of Making the Basic Shape
36- Mushroom cement 2.00_00_47_08.Image fixe006.jpg
36- Mushroom cement 2.00_01_28_01.Image fixe008.jpg
36- Mushroom cement 2.00_01_59_00.Image fixe009.jpg

To build the basic shape of my house, I mainly use aluminum foil. I start by wrapping a small ball of aluminum foil, and then I gradually cover it by making several layers until reaching the desired shape. To glue both parts, use the hot glue gun.

Kakrona Pos19 days ago
What inspired you to had this idea and make it out?
It's really incredible!
attosa20 days ago
Very impressive!! :)
Creative D2H (author)  attosa20 days ago
Thanks !
This is awesome. Thank you this instructable. I have been inspired to create more shapes with foil as a base. But I'm still not sure what "compress" is. Is it a gauze wrap? Could I use some sort of quilt batting instead? I have plenty of that.
Creative D2H (author)  Bellacricket20 days ago
Yes, it's gauze wrap, I'm not sure it can work with quilt batting.
SheGeek25 days ago
This is absolutely incredible!! I've got to grab some cement and gauze to do one myself.This is so inspiring, my mind is swirling with different ideas to do up. Any specifics about what cement to look for?
Creative D2H (author)  SheGeek21 days ago
Thanks for your interest ! that's portland cement.
Oh, cool! What did you mix it with?
Creative D2H (author)  SheGeek21 days ago
The best mixture : 2cup cement + 1cup sand + water
They should be paying you a commission; your work is truly inspiring! I'm so excited to try playing around with cement!
Creative D2H (author)  SheGeek20 days ago
Thanks :)
seamster25 days ago
So cute! And such great little details. Very well done : )
Creative D2H (author)  seamster21 days ago
Thank you so much!
plantmgr21 days ago
Great video and will try this to add to a garden I want to create. However I cannot find any information about adding the second “roof” underneath the main roof. Any steps omitted?
Creative D2H (author)  plantmgr21 days ago
Thank you for your interest ! you're right, this step is not very clear. you can see the attached photos taken from one of my other projects that can help you better understand the realization of the second roof.
What is the time frame for constructing the house? Did you make all the additions on the same day so the new concrete would adhere to the basic structure?
Creative D2H (author)  Daisytikityke21 days ago
This project took me almost 4 days of work. it is necessary to wait for each step to dry. it is necessary to wet the surface before adding the new cement layers.
Also, what is sparadrap? I have never heard of it in the US.
Wonderful project and an incredible paint job!!
Creative D2H (author)  Daisytikityke21 days ago
Sorry, I mean "Compress". I already corrected the error, thanks for the remark