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Intro to Sewing Circuits for Schools

Picture of Intro to Sewing Circuits for Schools

This guide is focused on helping students who have never sewn learn some hand sewing tips, AND sew their first circuit! With this project, your students will make their learning visible. Plus, it is a really easy project for students new to sewing, but will still appeal to an expert.

You will share a simple circuit template, so students can sew power from a battery to an LED, but also let them add their own artistic flair around the light with fabric paint, markers, embroidery floss, etc.

I like to share embroidery tips in this starter lesson with students and here is a great guide to help you share different types of stitches.

Step 1: Create Sewable Battery Holders

Since the cheapest coin cell battery holder to buy is two dollars a unit, I decided to make my own battery holder to keep costs low for my sewing circuit club. I found this great tutorial on sewing your own battery holder, but I didn’t have any neoprene fabric, so instead I hacked a coincell battery holder in Tinkercad to be sewable.

Hack or print this battery holder designed in Tinkercad. Then use conductive fabric tape to make your positive and negative paths for sewing. Make sure your tape doesn't connect from positive to negative. Run tape from inside the battery holder to the sewable leg for both connections. (You could hack this holder to just use conductive thread by making the hole on the front and back of the holder a little larger and sewing direct pads here.

Test those holders before sewing!

mobgoogly15 days ago
This is an excellent guide! Thanks for sharing!