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Picture of Honeycomb HiFi Speakers With Stone Effect Cabinets

Yes, I know, another speaker build!

I thought I would get on the resin hype for this one and do something outside of what I am used to with these types of builds!

The inspiration for this has come from a recent fascination with honeycomb structures. Combining this with wanting to use resin, I decided on a resin inlay design.

I've also had a recent obsession with stone effect spray paint, I have done a number of projects using this fantastic, textured paint. I love the way it makes a boring cabinet bring a little bit of class to a speaker build.

If you liked this build, please check out my website where I have other projects you may like :)

These speakers are for sale at the moment, but I am also taking custom speaker commisions if you are after something special!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

One of the good things about speaker building is that the materials are very available. Most builds will typically feature a cabinet made from plywood or mdf and a front baffle made from hardwood.

For this build I'm using white oak for the baffle and MDF for the cabinet.

For this particular build, however, I wanted to get on the epoxy hype and see what I could come up with when combining it with a speaker build. So I got some casting resin and I ended up using blue chalk, ground up, to add colour to the resin. I got this make shift resin pigment idea from Peter Browns video on the topic:

mr196023 days ago
The looks are kinda cool but I was expecting a honey comb interior for functional damping.
KenM1723 days ago
What about baffle design? Doesn't look sturdy enough for an infinite baffle and why waste time on a ported baffle?
These look fantastic! The honeycomb design combined with the resin is just great!