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Authentic Korean Bibimbap is always delicious and colorful! I always keep adding and adding spoonfuls of Korean spicy fermented condiment - Gochujang! By mixing in the Gochujang, the homemade Bibimbap tastes so much better than a bowl of seasoned vegetables, yummy meat and white rice combined!

Step 1: Prepare the Shiitake mushrooms!

Picture of Prepare the Shiitake mushrooms!
Wash the shiitake mushrooms. Then immerse the mushrooms into a bowl of tap water. Let the mushrooms soak in water at room temperature until they soften. Depending on the size of your shiitake mushrooms, this could take an hour to reconstitute the mushrooms . (Meanwhile, we could move on to step 2 for preparations of the spinach first.) Remove the stems. Squeeze out the excess moisture from the mushrooms. Slice them. Marinate them evenly with 2 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of white sugar and one tsp of sesame oil. Let them sit for around 15 mins. Then heat up a pan with the addition of cooking oil and lightly fry the shiitake mushrooms until the fragrant mushroom smell fills the kitchen air.
offseid6 days ago
Gorgeous instructable! And I'm a big fan of bibimbap. :)
McFatty_McFatty (author)  offseid17 hours ago
Thanks so much! Very glad to know u like my recipe =)
satosi14 days ago
I'll definitely be making this soon! Sounds absolutely delicious!
McFatty_McFatty (author)  satosi14 days ago
Thanks so much! Hope you like both my recipe and your own unique Spicy Bibimbap!
Banyo17 days ago
Nice recipe, at last ingredients which I can buy in local market.
McFatty_McFatty (author)  Banyo16 days ago
Thanks a lot! Happy Korean Cooking! =)
That is so beautiful!!
McFatty_McFatty (author)  jessyratfink24 days ago
Thank you so much! ^_^