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Picture of Gaming Coffee Table With Hidden Vault

As a long time board gamer, I've always thought the custom gaming tables from sites like geekchic and were really cool, but having a game table already I never had a reason to make one. That is, until I needed a new coffee table.

The Idea here was to make a game table with shelving to hold games and a hidden vault so you can pack up a game if you have to stop midway through and still use the table. There's also a small shelf to put the planks on top while your using the vault section.

If you like this design, hopefully you'll be able to follow these steps and make one that looks just as good, if not better! I'm not the most experienced woodworker but I think this table came out pretty nice! I'd advise you play with the size a little as well. They say a coffee table should be roughly 2/3rds the length of your couch and around the height of the cushions if not a little lower. I made this to the specifications of the wallmart futon in my game room so unless you have one, feel free to tinker.

Step 1: Assembling the base

Picture of Assembling the base

I made the table so it breaks down into three parts for ease of moving. First we'll start with the base. I started by cutting the wood to these dimensions:

4 - 3x3 cut to 15 inches

4 - 1x2 cut to 39 inches

4 - 1x2 cut to 19 inches

4 - 2x2 cut to 22 1/2 inches

Once the wood was cut I used my jig to make pocket holes at the ends of the 8 1x2 and 2x2 pieces.

I attached two of the long pieces flush to the bottom of the 3x3s and the other two long pieces roughly 5 and a half inches from the top of the 3x3s.

I then attached the shorter pieces along the ends at the same heights.

Finally I screwed in the 2x2s at roughly equal distance to support the shelves.

I used 1 1/4 pocket hole screws for all these steps.

StewieWorks14 days ago
wow. Great job. Looks beautiful. Finally a place to pause the game Risk! without loosing any pieces. :D
offseid19 days ago
Well done, beautiful and functional.
OsamaM3224 days ago
great job :)
i want to try this !
Just an idea: wouldn't it be easier to finish the tops of the legs before assembling them to the side bars ?
wclapie25 days ago
Excellent craftsmanship from what I can see in the pictures. Nicely done!
calichigal25 days ago
Very nice! I could see this being used for jigsaw puzzles, as well.
JamesD50329 days ago
Looks great wish I had made it.
Dawalker0529 days ago
Great work. I need to try this.
MargaretR6429 days ago
I think this table is beautiful. Maybe you could build me one when I move up there.
seamster1 month ago
This looks excellent! Very nicely done : )