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Picture of Functional Wooden Boomerang: 8 Steps (With Pictures)

In this Instructable I will be illustrating and detailing the entire process of creating a fully functional handmade wooden boomerang that will last far longer than store-bought boomerangs as well as fly farther and perform better in windy conditions (a major drawback of the foam boomerangs you usually find in stores).

Step 1: Understand the (Very) Basic Principles

Picture of Understand the (Very) Basic Principles

A boomerang works, in short, by creating lift. When you throw a boomerang, lift is created in the direction the top of the boomerang is pointing, causing it to veer in the direction of the top of the boomerang and thus come flying around in a circle back towards you. The airfoil shape of the boomerang is the most important part, because without it, the boomerang would continue in a straight line away from the thrower rather than curving back around, as this one will when completed.

WARNING! This boomerang is very dangerous since it is hard, heavy, and flying at high speeds, which is basically the classic recipe for disaster. Use caution when throwing (do not throw indoors) and also use caution when catching the boomerang. Try to catch it by grabbing it flat between your hands rather than one handed. I have NO legal responsibility for your actions while using this.

Dangerous? Yay! Let's make it!

IgorF26 days ago
Good job! You should share a video throwing it! :D
temper21 days ago
My boomerang won't come back
I've waved the thing all over the place
Practiced till I was black in the face
I'm a big disgrace to the Aborigine race
My boomerang won't back
seamster25 days ago
Very nice! I can't believe I've never tried making a boomerang. Going to have to give it a go. Thank you for sharing your process! : D