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Picture of Fabric Tassels No-Sew

Looking for ways to use up your fabric scraps? Here's another one for you: No-sew fabric tassels.

All you need to make them is scraps of fabric or an old garment that you don’t mind cutting to pieces. As well, you’ll require a straight edge like a ruler or yardstick and a pair of sharp scissors.

To be honest, I didn’t use a straight edge; I eyeballed it. That’s because I wasn’t after flawlessly straight strips. If that’s the look you want, use fabrics that won’t fray and employ your straight edge.

Best of all, it’s an easy project that anyone can do and you don’t need to sew. Let’s explore how to make fabric tassels the easy way.

Examples of fabrics that won't fray: T-shirt knits and jersey won’t unravel. Too, woven textiles cut on the bias will resist fraying. For loose weaves, there is a limit to how narrow you can cut the fabrics. Doing a swatch test and stretching the strip for strength is helpful.

Step 1: Cut Fabric Strips

Picture of Cut Fabric Strips

Cut fabric into strips ½” wide and about 13” to 15” for large tassels. For an idea of how full you'll like your tassel to be, encircle the strips in the middle with your thumb and index finger and let the tails hang. From there, experiment with shorter and fewer strips for varied sizes

(b) Cut 2 extra strips the same length or a few inches longer-depending on how long you'll like the loop/hanger to be.

(c) One strip will be used to tie the neck of the tassel which will form the ball a.k.a. the head and keep the strips/skirt together.

Note: The thickness of the materials you are using will also affect the amount of fabric strips you’ll need.