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Ergonomics, the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. One of the main issues with standard monitor setups is that you can't adjust its position according to your custom requirements. Thus making your workflow slow and leaving your body in a tired state. This problem affects not just the people working in offices but to a diversity of people. Therefore, to fix this problem we designed an ergonomic customizable monitor stand.

This project was designed to resolve several other limitations such as desk organization and working conveniently at night. Our versatile system was fabricated with laser-cut acrylic parts, LEDs and some simple hardware so that one can easily replicate the concept.

Follow these easy steps to upgrade your setup and increase your work efficiency. Don't forget to drop a vote if you found this fix useful!

Step 1: Good But Not Good Enough

Picture of Good But Not Good Enough

I have always needed a monitor stand as I feel it's a problem that all 'tall' people face, which is, due to our height we need to look down at our screen, which after a couple of hours turns your neck into a stiff knot and worse it spoils your posture. Secondly and most importantly, my work table is rather narrow, and as my keyboard occupies most of the space, I either work over it or I push it aside. In short, it gets very cluttered and working becomes inefficient! And finally, at night I need to unnecessary switch on a light as I fumble on the keyboard due to complete darkness which again can get very frustrating.

I'm sure several of you might have faced some of the exact problems and one day you just need a solution, so what do you do? Well, simple (or so it seemed) you go to Amazon and start looking for a monitor stand. Well as you scroll down the list you suddenly find out that these stands cost a lot more than expected!

Finally the maker instinct kicks in and you make your very own fix to all of these problems. In the following steps I will share the designs of the concept.

thirthankarc11 months ago
Cool project, and very well documented. Looks like the kind of thing big companies should be looking into!
Technovation (author)  thirthankarc10 months ago
Thanks for the positive feedbac
FilidauroL11 months ago

Great project, well documented. If my neck hurts even slightly more while using my computer I will certainly be building this for myself.

Technovation (author)  FilidauroL10 months ago

I like your idea

I wonder why this helps

I have faith that you might win

Technovation (author)  Diego montemayor11 months ago

Thank you!

bowzertyuiX11 months ago

You have the same monitor as mine, you copytor!

Technovation (author)  bowzertyuiX11 months ago
Great, looking forward to seeing your monitor stand now!
BulbulC11 months ago
Great idea and a very well thought out concept!
Technovation (author)  BulbulC11 months ago
Thanks for the feedback!
naveentm11 months ago
A very well designed and attractive stand! Coupled with a neat presentation and amazing pictures. Great job!!
Technovation (author)  naveentm11 months ago
binoydelta11 months ago

Hope this concept will help our future generation to overcome mentally and physically sickness while using computer almost maximum hour of the day.

Technovation (author)  binoydelta11 months ago
Yes that's going to be a growing concern and we are confident that this can be a reliable solution
Craftcorner11 months ago
An extremely well made project! Great use of ergonomics for a cause that's so relevant in the present generation. Great visuals and presentation overall.
Really hope that projects like these reach the market so that more people can avail them for their benefit!
Voted! :)
Technovation (author)  Craftcorner11 months ago
Thanks, am glad you liked the design we hope so too!