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Picture of Engine Coffee Table

I first made one of these 6 years ago as I needed a coffee table in the lounge room at home, but I wanted something cool and a bit different. I’d seen a few engine coffee tables online and thought it was a great idea so I made one, I have since made a few more. This is a heavy coffee table that looks great in a man cave and is pretty well theft proof unless your superman. I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to build, you can be sure if I can do it anyone can!

Note: Please don’t waste good/rare engines (it makes me sad). I only use dead ones.

Step 1: Find an Engine

Picture of Find an Engine

First and possibly the hardest step is to find an old engine. The one pictured here that I’ve used is an old Cleveland 351 that I picked up for free. It’s important to know that the condition of the engine is irrelevant, so the cheaper the better.

dlm23 days ago
Curious, how much does it weigh? How did you move it in?
doily_grunge (author)  dlm23 days ago
I’m not sure exactly but I’d estimate around 100kg. Normally I just move it around with a hand trolley, two people can also lift it but trolley is the best option.
Outstanding! Looks great. I'm going to have to find a way to adapt this build to a flat 4 aircooled VW engine now.
sarawelder24 days ago
Brilliant.... I am jealous as I would not be strong enough to move it!
doily_grunge (author)  sarawelder24 days ago
It is a heavy mongrel. Moved house a few times no one will help me anymore because of this haha.
JjR824 days ago
Would be more interesting to use an operational engine, so you could power a blender. Maybe a Corvette LS?
doily_grunge (author)  JjR824 days ago
That’d be one hell of a blender. You should make one I’d love to see that
I think that was on an episode of Top Gear. Just appropriated it.
KrisF2324 days ago
Fort off, nicely done. the use of the pistons is so sweet. Also, I get what you said about only using dead motors. It makes me insane when Martha Stewart types hang old tools on their walls when all they need is cleaning and sharpening.