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Picture of Concrete Top With Embedded Lighting

This Instructable will show you how I made a concrete top that is able to emit light using optical fibers. Fiber optics will allow you to create a unique and original piece that emits light without the use of bulbs and electronics. The concrete surface will not show any sign of light display capabilities making it surprisingly cool for those unaware of this feature.

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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design

When using pigment, you get to pick the colour loading which affects how lighter or darker your final piece will look depending how much you add. I did a some samples with 2.5%, 3%, 4%, and 5% colour loading relative to cement weight. The wife liked a 3% colour loading so that's what you see on the finished product.

stewkingjr21 days ago
Maybe you should put it in the indoor lighting contest so i can vote for it!
Tersa (author)  stewkingjr20 days ago
Thanks for you comment. I can only enter 1 contest with this instructable and decided to go with the concrete contest.
It's full of stars ;)

Very nice, have you thought of splitting the fibre optics into three groups (3 light sources) so that you could have three different colours at one time?
Tersa (author)  Palingenesis23 days ago
Yes!... that's the idea I am contemplating for my next project. I will have 4 different light sources.
The limiting factor here is the bundle diameter.
dkistner23 days ago
Could something like this work outdoors, like for garden art? What would have to be done to make it weather/UV light resistant?

Tersa (author)  dkistner23 days ago
Yes, definitely. The concrete and fibers would be exposed to the elements just fine while the light source is protected in a water-proof case or under the piece if it is a table. Depending on the colour and use of the concrete piece, you may want to seal it. The sealer will protect the pigmentation of your concrete that would otherwise degrade after long UV exposure and will also protect against stains.
dkistner Tersa23 days ago
Thank you! What a cool technique....
antoled25 days ago
Really beautiful!
can you put in the parts bomb?
like the optical fiber
It'd be nice to see how you put the buckles under the concrete floor.
Tersa (author)  antoled23 days ago
The BOM is under the Supplies section of the instructable. It includes the type of optical fibers I used.
Steps 2 & 3 have a couple of images to show you how I set the fibers to easily tuck them into the concrete
OliverM1826 days ago
Really cool idea! Love the fact that the light is so visible!
Tersa (author)  OliverM1826 days ago
Lights are visible in daylight and very bright in the dark. There is also an option to adjust the brightness of the light which is very cool and flexible
seamster28 days ago
This is so neat. Great techniques and good looking results! :D
Tersa (author)  seamster28 days ago